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The Department of Psychiatry was started in 2011, got permission to start post graduate study in 2017 and recognized for intake of four postgraduate students for the degree of M.D. (Psychiatry) in 2020. (Letter no.MCI-305(22)/2020/Med dated 24/09/2020).

We strive to provide the highest quality of training to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The highest and latest scientific knowledge is our constant goal. With the highly stimulating academic atmosphere we strive to induce the same zeal for excellence in our students.

With the same quality and dedication we treat our patients. We provide outdoor and indoor services to all types of psychiatric patients. The department has facilities for Electro-Encephalogram (EEG), Modified Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) with EEG monitoring, Biofeedback Therapy and Ketamine Therapy. Our clinical psychologist does all types of psychological testings (I.Q. Personality etc.) and psychotherapies. Social workers look after patients' social intervention and rehabilitation. Deaddiction, psycho-sexual, child and adolescent and geriatric psychiatry services are regularly available. Medico-Legal services and disability certifications are done daily. Suicide prevention, helpline and distric mental health programme are running by the department.

Comprehensive psychiatric consultation, diagnostic and investigative testing, disability certification, EEG recording and Reporting, Psychotherapy, District Mental Health Program
Comprehensive indoor management of patients with psychiatric illness, Electroconvulsive therapy, Ketamine Therapy, Psychotherapy.
  • Neuro psychiatry elderly clinic - Every Monday under Dr. PI mehta
  • De-addiction clinic - Every Tuesday under Dr. Archana Kantak
  • Family Counseling clinic - Every Wednesday under Dr. Pradhyuman Chaudhary 
  • Memory clinic- Every Thursday under Dr PI Mehta
  • Psycho-motor clinic Every Friday under Dr Archana Kantak
  • Community Psychiatry every Saturday under Dr Pradhyuman Chaudhary 
4 Consultation room, EEG recording room, Room for clinical psychologist and Social worker, Nursing staff room, Seminar room cum Departmental Library, Clinic room
Separate Male and Female ward consist of 20 bed each with toilet facility, Seminar room, Doctor room and nursing staff room, Medical store. 
Staff Information
Sr No Name Designation View
1 Dr. Prakash Mehta Professor & Head View
2 Dr. ARCHANA KANTAK Associate Professor View
3 Dr. Pradhyuman chaudhary Assistant Professor View
4 Dr. Nidhi Marvania Senior Resident View
5 Dr. Vaidehee Chaudhary Junior Resident View
6 Dr. Mansi Patel Junior Resident View
7 Dr. Annie Macwan Junior Resident View
8 Dr. Dhruti Merchant Junior Resident View
9 Dr. Shailja Masrani Junior Resident View
10 Dr. Bhaumik Suchak Junior Resident View
11 Dr. Dharmik Ahir Junior Resident View
12 Dr. Mona Parmar Junior Resident View
13 Dr. Drashti Shah Junior Resident View
14 Dr. Vishu Bose Junior Resident View
15 Dr. Viral Akhed Junior Resident View
16 Dr. Megha Nisarta Junior Resident View
Staff Attendance
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Subject Curriculum
Curriculum of psychiatry contains following topics: Introduction and history of psychiatry,Mental Health, Psychology, Psychological testings, Psychological theories, Basic science: Neuro-anatomy, Neuro-physiology, Neuro-biochemistry, genetics-epigenetic, Neuro-immuno-endocrinology, neuro-embryology, Neuro-pathology, Neuro-infections, Neuropsychiatric investigations esp imaging and electroencephalogram(EEG), Neuro cognitive disorder, Psychotic spectrum disorder,Mood disorder (depression and mania), Anxiety spectrum disorder, obsessive compulsive spectrum disorder, Substance use disorder, Psychosexual disorder, Somatoform disorder, Neurodevelopmental disorder, Personality disorder, Stress trauma related disorder, Sleep and eating related disorder, Forensic psychiatry, Treatment modalities, Pharmocotherapy, Psychotherapy, others
PG Curriculum:
Functional and behavioural neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology and Neurochemistry. Neuro Chemistry. Psychoneuroendocrinology, Neurogenetic disorder. Classification in psychiatry. Case presentation (Including history taking, Neurological examination, Mental Status Examination etc.). Neurodevelpmental disorder- MR, Autism, ADHD, CD. Psychology- Theories of Learning, Emotion, Intelligence, Personality, Memory, psychological testing. Schizophrenia spectrum disorder and other psychotic disorder. Bipolar and related disorder. Depressive disorders. Anxiety disorders. Obsessive compulsive and related disorders. Trauma and stress related disorders. Dissociative disorders. Somatic symptom and related disorders. Feeding and eating disorders. Elimination disorders. Sleep wake disorders. Gender dysphoria, Sexual dysfunctions and Paraphillic disorders. Disruptive, impulsive-control and conduct disorders. Substance related and addictive disorders. Neurocognitive disorders. Personality disorders. Community psychiatry. Consultation-liaison psychiatry. Culture bound syndromes, Trans-cultural psychiatry. Psychopharmacology. Non psychopharmacological Management. Brain Stimulation Therapy- ECT and other. Emergencies in psychiatry- Suicide management and medico-legal aspect. Ethics in psychiatry. Forensic and legal psychiatry (including Indian Lunacy Act, Mental Health Act 1987, MHCA 2017, PWD ACT , NDPS ACT). Miscellaneous : Non-Compliance, Malingering, Antisocial behaviour, Borderline Intellectual functioning, Age related cognitive decline, Bereavement (including death), Academic problems, Occupational problems, Identity Problems, Religious or spiritual Problems, Acculturation problems, Phase of Life Problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ETC). Movement disorders (Including Medication induced movement disorders, etc.). Organic psychiatry (including amnestic disorders, Catatonic disorders, cerebrovascular disorders, Delirium, Dementia, Endocrine Epilepsy, Head injury, Headache, HIV -AIDS, Infections, etc. Neuropsychology (including Psychological Features of cerebral Disorders, Clinical Assessment etc.) Reproductive psychiatry. Bio-statistics/Research Methodology. Rehabilitation of psychiatric patients.
Monthly Teaching Schedule
Sr No Teaching Schedule Month Teaching Schedule Short Description Teaching Schedule Date Download
1 UG Teaching Schedule Monthly Theory lectures - 4, Practical teaching lectures- 20 18/03/2022
2 PG teaching Schedule Monthly Case Presentation- 4, Seminar -4, Journal club-2, Theory lectures-4, Group discussion-2 18/03/2022
Students Notes
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Results of Examination
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Role of Honour
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Sr No Publication Title Publication Short Desc Posted Date Download
1 Analytical study of Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms and Internet addiction among medical students Dr Dhiraj Kandre, Dr Ankita Patel, Dr Prakash Mehta. May 30, 2020 NIN-00264-2020-03. Neuropsychiatry and Neuropsychology. 31/05/2020 Download
2 A Cross-sectional study to explore Sexual dysfunctions among male Hypertensive Patients attending Medicine OPD of Tertiary care centre, Western India Bhavesh B. Kathiriya, Smit J. Parmar, Prakash I. Mehta, Kunjal M. Odedra. Indian Journal of Mental Health Issue: 6(3), July–September 2019 31/05/2020 Download
3 Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety in patients of Dhat syndrome coming to psychosocial clinic in psychiatry Department of a Tertiary Health Care at Ahmedabad. Prashant Bamania, Jigar Patel, Prakash Mehta. March 02,2021, NIN-00293-2020-3 Prashant Bamania, Jigar Patel, Prakash Mehta. March 02,2021, NIN-00293-2020-3 02/03/2021
4 Multi-centric study of psychological disturbances among health care workers in tertiary care centers of western India during the COVID-19 pandemic Dr. Ankita Patel , Dr. Dhiraj Kandre Dr. Prakash Mehta,Dr. Aalapi Prajapati, Dr.Bhumika Patel, Dr. Sanjiv Prajapati: August 24, 2020, NIN- 00269-2020-04 : Neuropsychiatry and NeuroPsychology 24/08/2020
5 Characteristics of psychiatric manifestations among hospitalised COVID-19 patients and their correlation with disease severity – a cross sectional study. Bhumi G. Khanpara , Bhumika R. Patel, Prakash Mehta, Pradhyuman Chaudhary, Nikita Ravtani. Adv Psychiatry Neurol 2021; 30 (2): 73-78 DOI: 15/08/2021
6 Evaluation of perceived social stigma and burnout, among health-care workers working in covid-19 designated hospital of India: A cross-sectional study. Patel BR, Khanpara BG, Mehta PI, Patel KD, Marvania NP. Asian J Soc Health Behav 2021;4:156-62 29/09/2021
7 A randomized controlled trial of Bupropion on Nicotine Dependence and Positive and Negative symptoms amongst patients suffering from schizophrenia attending the out-patient department of a tertiary care centre. Smit J. Parmar, Bhavesh B. Kathiriya, Prakash I. Mehta. Indian Journal of Mental Health 2020;7(1). 14/02/2020
8 A Qualita- tive Study of Psycho Social Impact on Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDRTB) Cases: Experience from Ahmedabad City, India. Sharma R, Bakshi H, Prajapati S, Bhatt G, Mehta R, Rami K, Mehta P, Shah T, Dave R, Pirzada A. Natl J Community Med 2021;12(7):209-210. DOI: 10.5455/njcm.20210607085421 31/07/2021
9 Challenges and perceptions of depression amongst multi drug resistant TB cases: qualitative study among medical officers of tuberculosis units across the Ahmedabad city, India Rashmi Sharma, Harsh Bakshi, Shailesh Prajapati, Gneyaa Bhatt1, Rajesh Mehta, Kiran Rami, Prakash Mehta, Tejas Shah, Roshni Dave, Azbah Pirzada. International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Sharma R et al. Int J Community Med Public Health. 2021 Dec;8(12) 16/11/2021
10 4.1 List of Books in departmental library 4.1 List of Books in departmental library 24/04/2024 Download
11 4.2List of Journals in departmental library 4.2List of Journals in departmental library 24/04/2024 Download
12 PUBLICATION PUBLICATION 24/04/2024 Download
Departmental Achievements

Dr. Alapi Prajapati won 1st price and Dr. Zeel Tripathi won 2nd price for paper presentation in state level conference.

Dr. Alapi Prajapti and Dr. Zeel Tripathi were 1st runner up in state level quiz

Dr. Zeel Tripathi won 1st rank in poster presentation

Dr. Nikita Ravtani Won 1st rank in Poster presentation and 2nd rank in paper presentation

Dr. Bhavesh Kathiriya won 1st rank  in Quiz in National level Quiz

             Dr. Nidhi Marvania won 2nd rank in Poster presentation and 3rd rank in paper presentation
Sr No Events Year Events List Download
1 2019 Guest Lecture : Theme - Child Psychiatry Speaker- Dr. Hemang Shah (Professor BJMS)
2 2019 Guest Lecture: Theme- 5 Secretes of effective communication and positive reframing, An introduction to team CBT. Speaker: Dr. Heather Clague (USA), Dr. Rhonda Barovsky (USA), Dr. Dipti Joshi (Ahmedabad, India)
3 2019 CME: "Approach to CBT, Advance in Biotechnology and Genetics  and psychopharmacology in elderly.
4 2020 Guest Lecture:Theme- Spiritual understanding, psychiatry,Society and human Well-being treatments. Speaker- Dr. K. Permeshwaran, Associate professor of law, Gujarat national law University, Gandhinagar.
5 2021 Guest Lecture: "Introduction to queer affirmative practice". Speaker- Vatsalya Shukla
6 2024

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