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Dr.. Usha J. Modi  (Pharmacology)

Name : Dr.. Usha J. Modi
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Blood Group B+
Designation : Assistant Professor
Department : Pharmacology
Qualification : MBBS MD Pharmacology
UG : MBBS (C.U. Shah medical college and hospital, Surendranagar
PG : MD (PDU Government Medical college, Rajkot)
Joining Date : 17/02/2023
Total Teaching Expereince 10 Years
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1.      Lalwani U,Pillai A, Piparva K. Drug Utilization Pattern Among Geriatric

Patients In A TertiaryCare Teaching Hospital. International Journal Of

Pharmaceutical SciencesAnd Research. 2017;8(3): 1249-1254.

2.      Modi JP, Shah SS, Lalwani US, Mundhava SG, Singh AP.A Retrospective Study to Analyze Prescription Pattern and Cost of Anti-MalarialDrugs in Indoor Malaria Patients at a TertiaryCare Teaching Hospital. JRMDS. 2016 Apr-June;4(2):146-49.

3.      Mundhava S, Lalwani Us, Pillai A. “PrescribingKnowledge, Attitude, Practice Of Interns And Post-Graduates Of A Tertiary CareHospital In India” WJPPS. 2015 May;4(6):451-58.

4.      Modi J,Shah S,LalwaniU, Mundhava S, Singh A. A Retrospective Study to Analyze

Prescription Patternand Cost Of Antimalarial Drugs In Indoor Malaria Patients At A Tertiary CareTeaching Hospital. Journal Of Research In Medical And Dental Science.2016;4(2):146- 149.

5.     Modi JP, Kubavat A, Mundhava S, Lalwani U. A Prospective Studyto Evaluate Prescription Pattern of Second Line Antiretroviral Therapy Given ToHIV Patients. J Young Pharm. 2018; 10(1):117-22.

6.     Modi J, Kubavat A, S Mundhava, U Lalwani. A Study to Evaluatethe Safety of Second Line Antiretroviral Therapy Given To HIV Patients. Natl JIntegr Res Med 2018; 9(1):68-72

7.     Modi JP, Kubavat A, Mundhava S, Lalwani U. A prospective studyto evaluate efficacy of secondline antiretroviral therapy given to humanimmunodeficiency virus patients at Antiretroviral Therapy Plus Centre in India.Indian J Sex Transm Dis 2019; 2019; 40(1): 51-56.

Conference Workshop Details : 1. As a delegate in 5th Advance level Training in Pharmacovigilance organised by the Regional Training Centre and ADR Morning centre, PvPI, Department of Pharmacology, B.J. Medical college, Ahmedabad, on 25th January 2024 in collaboration with Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, Ghaziabad.
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