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Dr. Rahul Virsingbhai Charpot  (Surgery)

Name : Dr. Rahul Virsingbhai Charpot
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Blood Group B POSITIVE
Designation : Associate Professor
Department : Surgery
Qualification : MBBS, MS (GEN.SURGERY)
UG : MBBS 2007 Gujarat University G-40958 Gujarat Medical council
PG : MS 2012 Gujarat University G-19100 Gujarat Medical council
Joining Date : 27/12/2012
Total Teaching Expereince 11 Years & 8 Months
Extra Details 1 :

a.      Total Publications (as on 30Apr 2024): 07

a.      Editorials, viewpoints, CME, research articles, shortarticles, letter to editorials etc.

b.     Text Books NIL

c.      Contributed chapters NIL

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Publication Details :
    1. Chauhan   HR, Charpot  RV. A study to evaluate the optimal time for laparoscopic  cholecystectomy after acute cholecystitis attack : a tertiary care teaching center study. Int  Surg J 2016; 3: 1325-8
    2. Chauhan  HR, Charpot  RV. A Comparative study to evaluate the outcome between electrocautery vs scalpel skin incision in tension free inguinal hernioplasty : a  tertiary care teaching center experience. Int Surg J 2016; 3 ; 516-20.
    3. Charpot  RV, Chauhan  HR. A comparative study to evaluate the outcome between open  posterior pre peritoneal versus open anterior tension free hernioplasty incases of recurrent inguinal hernia. Int Surg J 2016; 3: 1856-60.
    4. Gadhavi  JM, Charpot  R. Clinical study and surgical management of acute intestinal obstruction in the adults. Int Surg J 2020;7:3703-6.
    5.  Charpot  R, Gadhavi  JM. Prevalence  of  Peptic Ulcer Disease among the Patients with   Abdominal Pain at Tertiary Care   Institute of Gujarat. Acad. J Surg. 2020;3(2):30-32

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