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The Ophthalmology Service at GMERS Sola provides care for all types of conditions of the eye and surrounding structures. Services include comprehensive eye examination as well as consultations in all areas of ophthalmology.

The ophthalmology department is fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipments. Patients receive unsurpassed eye care ranging from routine eye examinations to highly specialized diagnosis and treatment. The department is also nodal centre for the DBCS and actively participates in the community ophthalmology and other activities under NPCB.

The department has fully functional EYE-BANK since 2016 and render all the types of treatments for corneal related blindness.

We have various fully functional clinics like- Retina, Glaucoma, Oculoplasty, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Community Ophthalmology, Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP).

We have 3 post-graduate(M.S.) seats per year. Our residents get hands-on in all types of eye surgeries including topical phaco.


Basic Eye examination
Stitchless cataract surgery
Phacoemulsification technique with Premium IOL/ Multifocal IOL options
Diabetic Retinopathy
Screening and Management
Retinopathy of Prematurity(ROP)
Diagnosis and Management
Fundus Photography and Fundus Fluorescein Angiography
Diagnosis, Medical and Surgical Management
Pterygium surgery with conjunctival autograft
Corneal Transplantation
Corneal Tear repair
Management of Ocular Infectious diseases
Management of acute eye injuries

OPD Services: We provide comprehensive ENTconsultations, diagnostic tests, disability certifications, and a range ofspecialized clinics including Rhinology, Head and Neck Oncology, Deafness,Sleep Apnea, Vertigo, Tinnitus Rehabilitation.


IPD Services: Our inpatient care isdesigned for extensive management of ENT conditions, involving pre-operativeassessments, complex surgeries, and meticulous post-operative care, supportedby high-quality medication and a sterile environment.


TheDepartment is equipped with advanced instruments required for the handling ofdiseases in the Otorhinolaryngology , Microdebrider, Coblator, Microscopes andEndoscopes.


TheDepartment also providing all kind of surgical services related to ear(Cochlear Implant, Stapes Surgeries, Ossiculoplasty , Mastoid Surgeries ,Surgeries related to benign lesion of ear, etc) Nose & Para-nasal sinuses(FESS, Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Adenoidectomy, DCR, CSF rhinorrhoea, Optic nerve decompression,surgeries for benign lesion), Skull-Base (glomus tumour,  Angiofibroma ) ,  laryngology & airway (Endoscopic  Airway Surgery, glottis surgery etc. )


Wehere have facility for Cochlear Implant surgery with holistic SPEECH THERAPY UNIT working under STATE GOVERNMENT, RBSK AND ADIP programunder which wehave done more than 250 adult and pediatric cochlear implant surgeries and afully functional COCHLEAR IMPLANT REHABILITATION CENTRE.

Regular medical camps-disability and cochlear implant camps to screen children with hearingimpairment and provide primary healthcare to people, school heath camps.




Minor OT
Refraction Room
Dressing Room
Dark Room
Septic OT
Retina clinic
Oculoplasty Clinic
Glaucoma clinic
Resident Room
Demonstration Room
Reading Room
Waiting Area
Male Toilet
Female Toilet
Faculty Room
Staff Information
Sr No Name Designation View
1 Dr. Dipika Singhal Professor & Head View
2 Dr. Vaishali Prajapati Associate Professor View
3 Dr. Neha Parmar Assistant Professor View
4 Dr.Saloni B Patel Senior Resident View
5 Dr. Aneri Shah Junior Resident View
6 Dr. Smeet Desai Junior Resident View
7 Dr. Krishna Shah Junior Resident View
8 Dr. Lisa Patel Junior Resident View
9 Dr. Darshvi Patel Junior Resident View
10 Dr. Dhruvi Shah Junior Resident View
11 Dr. Kushang Shah Junior Resident View
12 Dr. Kunal Bansal Junior Resident View
13 Dr. Aavisha Shah Junior Resident View
Staff Attendance
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Subject Curriculum
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Monthly Teaching Schedule
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Students Notes
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Results of Examination
Sr No Exam Result Month Exam Result Short desc Exam Result Date Download
1 MAy-2021 - 100% results 
- All 3 post-graduate candidates are pass with very good marks.
Role of Honour
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-- Fully Functional Eye-Bank

-- Recognized 3 Post-Graduate seats.

-- Highest number of cataract surgeries in Gujarat state in 2019

-- The department has all the equipments. 
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