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Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology is a field of Rehabilitation Sciences, that deals with various Hearing-Balance and Speech-Language-Swallowing disorders. This faculty of science is a bridge between the various medical branches (ENT, Neurology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, etc) and rehabilitation. The GMERS Medical College and Civil Hospital – Sola, Ahmedabad, is the first government medical college to initiate the course of Bachelor in Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology and also to establish a ‘State of Art’ department. It has been recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India and is affiliated with Gujarat University.

The department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology is equipped with internationally recognized standard instruments. Department contains all the equipment and tests which can help to assess, diagnose, and manage all Hearing-Balance and Speech- Language-Swallowing problems.

Location: D Block 9th Floor 

Department Services

·      Early Identificationand Assessment of Hearing Problems across all ages

o   Puretone Audiometry (PTA)

o   Speech Audiometry

o   Behavioural Observation Audiometry (BOA)

o   Impedance Audiometry

o   Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA)

o   Freefield Audiometry

o   Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

o   Otoacoustic Emission

o   Auditory Steady State Response

o   Middle Latency Response

o   Late Latency Response

o   P300 Response Test

o   Cochlear Dead Region Test

o   Play Audiometry


·      Auditory ProcessingTests

·      Hearing Aid Trial andProgramming

·      Newborn HearingScreening Program

·      Vertigo and TinnitusAssessment and Management

·      Pre and Post CochlearImplant Rehabilitation Services Along with Mapping and Auditory Verbal Therapy

·      Assessment andManagement of Speech and Language Problems

o   Autism Spectrum Disorders

o   Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

o   Intellectual Deficits

o   Learning Disability

o   Specific Learning Impairment

o   Social Communication Disorders

o   Stuttering

o   Cluttering

o   Cerebral Palsy

o   Stroke Patients (Aphasia, Dysarthria)

o   Degenerative Disorders (ALS, Parkinson’s)

o   Delayed Speech and Language / Inadequate Speech andLanguage

o   Right Hemisphere Disorder


·      Voice Clinic (Voice labwith Stroboscopy, Electroglottography, Voice analysis system)

·      Dysphagia Assessmentand Management (In Adult & Children)

·      Memory Clinic forDementia Patient

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Staff Information
Sr No Name Designation View
1 Dr Udit Saxena Associate Professor View
2 Mr Gunjan Mehta Assistant Professor View
3 Ms Meenakshi Sukumar Assistant Professor View
4 Ms Mital Bar Tutor View
5 Mr Jay Rami Tutor View
6 Mr Shubh Patel Tutor View
Staff Attendance
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Subject Curriculum
Eligiblity Criteria, Curriculum and Fees

·       The program shall be of 4 academic years including 1 year ofinternship and should be completed within six years from the date of admission.

·       An academic year consists of two semesters, and each semestershall extend over a minimum period of sixteen weeks excluding examination days.

·       Eligibility

o  The candidate applying for B.ASLP should have passed 10+2examination or an equivalent examination securing a minimum of 50% marks.

o  The candidate should be passed from Physics, Chemistry andBiology stream.

o  No Age Bar

·       Fees – Rs 25000 + Rs 5000 (University Fees).

·       Admission is on the strict merit criteria laid down by theAdmission Committee

·       Following subjects are included in the B.ASLP curriculum:



Title of the Subjects

Semester 1

B 1.1

Communication Sciences

B 1.2

Anatomy and Physiology of

Speech and Hearing

B 1.3

Clinical Psychology

B 1.4

Linguistics and Phonetics

B 1.5

Electronics and Acoustics

B 1.6

Research Methods and Statistics

Semester 2

B 2.1


B 2.2


B 2.3

Speech-Language Pathology

B 2.4


B 2.5

Practicals (Speech-language


B 2.6

Practicals (Audiology)

Semester 3

B 3.1

Voice and its Disorders

B 3.2

Speech Sound Disorders

B 3.3

Diagnostic Audiology -

Behavioral Tests

B 3.4

Amplification Devices

B 3.5

Clinicals in Speech-Language


B 3.6

Clinicals in Audiology

Semester 4

B 4.1

Motor Speech Disorders in


B 4.2

Child Language Disorders

B 4.3

Diagnostic Audiology -

Physiological Tests

B 4.4

Implantable Hearing Devices

B 4.5

Clinicals in Speech-Language


B 4.6

Clinicals in Audiology

Semester 5

B 5.1

Structural Anomalies & Speech


B 5.2

Fluency and its Disorders

B 5.3

Pediatric Audiology

B 5.4

Aural Rehabilitation in Children

B 5.5

Clinicals in Speech-Language


B 5.6

Clinicals in Audiology

Semester 6

B 6.1

Motor Speech Disorders in


B 6.2

Language Disorders in Adults

B 6.3

Aural Rehabilitation in Adults

B 6.4

Audiology in Practice

B 6.5

Clinicals in Speech-Language


B 6.6

Clinicals in Audiology

Internship (Semester 8)

B 7.1

Clinicals in Speech-Language


B 7.2

Clinicals in Audiology


Monthly Teaching Schedule
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Students Notes
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Results of Examination
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Role of Honour
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Student Feedback
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